Why don’t more DBAs use extended events

I suspect instead of a keep it simple stupid (KISS) process it is more slow long and painful (SLAP)
Say you simply want to view live login failures.
Let’s start the wizard
We only want to look at one type of event
First issue, no Login Failures found, but ‘process_login_finish’ looks to be the correct option, so lets add it to selected events.
The capture global features, is what I think causes the most pain. If you select all options (because you don’t know what you’ll find) you’ll get a nice big error message when you get right to the very end so now you have to go back (painful)
The better option would be to alert the poor DBA when the limit is hit (remove the pain). I spend about 5 minutes attempting find what this limit is on the web before giving up. Testing, having 16 global fields let me finally save without the error.
Next came the login failure test:
Nope not showing.
I’ll try again in another couple of months when my optimism returns.

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