AKAWN Monitoring v17.10.10 released

AKAWN Monitoring version 17.10.10 has now been released and is ready for download.
It includes the following updates:

  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Show Columns in Database Configuration Settings
  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Maintenance model parameter check correction
  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Integrity Checks increase initial instance connection timeout
  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Instance and Server alerts hide checkbox
  • AKAWN Studio – Enhance: Increase wait cursor visibility during maintenance tasks startup and refreshing
  • AKAWN Server – Fix: Exclude snapshot databases from the “Backups full missing” and “Backups log missing” checks

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us by either logging in and raising a support ticket or sending us an email at support@akawn.com.
Cheers the A team

AKAWN Monitoring RTMs

AKAWN Monitoring, our first product, has now been released to market as version 17.10.02.
It was a mammoth task and a great relief to finally have something to show for the effort.
So what does it take to produce a SQL Server monitoring product?

  • ~ 2,700 man hours
  • ~ 95,400 lines of written code
  • Learning a programming language and the quirks that it initials
  • A serious amount of designing, testing, further designing and then more testing in a continuous loop
  • ~ 550 coffees :)

I’m sure there’ll be a couple of things that got by the copious amount of testing, but the product appears to be very stable and the documentation quite comprehensive.
It doesn’t end there, with SQL Server 2017 testing out the way, the focus now moves onto integrating Linux and cloud database support, query performance analysis, enhanced reporting and portal development.
So we hope you enjoy the product and help to make it the best one out there.
Cheers the AKAWN team