What SQL Server 2017 should have added

Looking at the current features being added to SQL Server 2017 there doesn’t appear to be anything to get overly excited about.
There’s nothing that makes you think ‘wow we need to upgrade NOW!’
From my perspective the following should be easy no brainers to get DBAs motivated to upgrade:
1. The ability to undo transactions from the transaction log / log backups. Geez, this has been around for years by 3rd parties. Surely it’s time to include it, just like native compressed backups (best thing since sliced bread).
2. Writable snapshots. We’ve got read-only snapshots so we are half way there. Just think of the space savings and ability to quickly use cloning for test/dev environments.
3. The ability to easily fail-over/fail-back log shipped databases. Man, how long has the good old reliable log shipping been around for and that dreaded pain of a fail-over test.
4. The ability to attach a database to an older version. Surely there could be a simple flag that says, hey I may need to go back to version x so don’t give me funky xyz features. Exporting/importing data is just painful.
5. Wow, wouldn’t it be great if we had a fail-over solution that didn’t drop the client connection.
Re-reading the above, possibly Microsoft just needs to focus on making existing features great, before pursuing new features and leaving DBAs again feeling that they could have been better i.e. JSON.

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