SQL Server vNext = SQL Server 2017

Yes SQL Server vNext officially has the name SQL Server 2017.
CTP 2.0 is now available to download and further details on the announcement can be found here
Self tuning databases? Sounds interesting or possibly a cause for concern. Hopefully these features have an off switch in case SQL starts optimizing in the wrong direction :)
“New in SQL Server 2017, we’re adding the Adaptive Query Processing family of intelligent database features. These features automatically keep database queries running as efficiently as possible without requiring additional tuning from database administrators.”
What does surprise me is the rate of new version releases.
Progress is good, but SQL Server 2012 -> 2014 -> 2016 -> 2017, this really starts to raise a dilemma for businesses/developers/DBAs as to which version should they be using/developing/training for. Throw Linux and the cloud into the mix and well it just gets even more interesting.
Businesses like stability and these new versions can introduce risk which is exactly what businesses want to avoid.
To me, this release cycle has to slow down or it could end badly for all parties. Although in saying that; DBAs would become more in demand as resolving incompatibility and version issues are likely to significantly increase.

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