SQL Server Management Studio 17.0 released

It took a while, but finally SQL Server Management Studio 17.0 is available for download.
At 729MB the download exe is smaller than the 16.5.3 version which was 898MB. This huge size difference could mainly be due to the PowerShell module being moved into the PowerShell gallery. Just imagine attempting to install this via the good old 1.44 floppy disks.
It seems that these days to install SQL Server you’ll spend a lot of time trying to locate the pieces to install i.e. installation media + ssms + powershell + snac + patches etc, that all adds up to a lot of links. I kind of liked the old install where everything was in one place, but times are definitely a changing.
Extract from the SSMS download site:
•Over 100 connect issues fixed
•SQL Server PowerShell module moved out of SSMS and into the PowerShell gallery
•Icons updated to support high-DPI display modes
•Numerous performance improvements in Object Explorer
•WSUS support for upgrading to future 17.X versions
•Improved Multi-factor authentication support
•Enhancements to Availability Group functionality (Support for SQL Server on Linux, direct seeding, endpoint URL handling, and more)
•Showplan enhancements including new feature to analyze actual existing showplan to help diagnose issues
•SQL Server Analysis Server 1400 support
•New DAX Query Windows
•Numerous other enhancements for Power Query support

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