Bytes Per Cluster setting for Linux?

Currently at this time there is no information as to what/how the Linux drives should be formatted for optimal SQL Server performance. Hopefully this information will become available prior to the scheduled product release later this year.
It’s generally well known that on Windows you’d typically set the Bytes Per Cluster to 65536 for SQL Server databases or 32768 for SQL Server Analysis Services.
This can be checked using fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo i.e. fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo d:
Below shows a C & D drive being checked with the C set to default 4096.
If you are interested in how the Linux disks are formatted, you could try use the following (steps were performed on Ubuntu)
Firstly identify the available drives using sudo fdisk -l
Secondly for each drive review the settings using sudo tune2fs -l i.e. sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1

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