Are you ready to support SQL Server on Linux?

If you’ve been a SQL Server DBA for the past 5,10,15 years then your exposure to Linux has likely been minimum or even non-existent.
Consider some of the typical methods you’d use/check when investigating a SQL Server that is no-longer responding:

Windows Linux
Connect using RDP
Locate and view SQL Errorlogs
Windows Event Logs
SQL Server Configuration Manager
Disk Management
Device Manager
Task Manager
Performance Monitor
Local Policies
Local Security
Folder/File Permissions

In the Linux column, would you know the corresponding tool?
It’s just a matter of time before a vendor/project/Manager hands over a SQL Server on Linux for you to support and at the end of the day when there is an issue with SQL it’ll likely end up in your lap.
So now, is a really good time to start getting up to speed with Linux support.

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