SQL Server 2016 Retirement of x86 (32 bit) Instance Features

The current SQL Server 2016 Release Notes indicate that the SQL Server x86 (32 bit) features have come to an end.


This step was inevitable and was just a matter of when, rather than if, it would occur.


Retirement of x86 Instance Features


The x86 (32 bit) version of SQL Server 2016 Setup no longer includes instance features. The following Instance Features are now available only in the x64 (64 bit) version of SQL Server Setup:


•Database Engine

•Analysis Services

•Reporting Services – Native Mode


The x86 Setup is still available for installing tools and other shared Features.


Instance features installed from previous CTP releases of SQL Server 2016 will no longer be updated. It is recommended that previous CTP x86 installations are uninstalled and Instance Features are reinstalled using the x64 version of SQL Server 2016 Setup. Previous x86 installations with only Shared Features will continue to upgrade without issue.

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