SQL Server documentation spelling references

Living in New Zealand, there is frequently the conundrum of whether to use American or New Zealand English or a mixture of the both spellings for documentation.

For my reference (sanity), I’ve attempted to identify spellings which I most commonly find mixed in documents and will lean towards use of the New Zealand spellings to standardise documentation.

Exceptions are made for product names and features e.g. Datacenter Edition, Query Analyzer etc

American New Zealand
Analyze Analyse
Data center Data centre
License Licence
Licensed Licensed
Licensing Licensing
Normalize Normalise
Optimize Optimise
Parameterized Parameterised
Prioritize Prioritise
Standardize Standardise
Utilize Utilise
Virtualization Virtualization
Virtualize Virtualize

One last anomaly, I often see the use of the word on-premise when referring to a location when it should be on-premises.

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