Reporting Services Chart Grouping Example

If you would like to know how to show a separate chart based on the same dataset, these steps may help you.


The following steps will create a separate graph for each server.


The data used for this example was:



Using SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 create a Blank Report and follow these steps:




Below I am connecting to the default instance’s test database where the data is held






You should see the below



Drag ‘server’ to the first column


We only require the Header and therefore the table row can be deleted




Create a Line chart in the second column in the Header



Resize the Header so the chart is more visable



Remove the last column in the Header as it is not required



We don’t require the first Header column to be visable in the report so we can make it hidden




Click on the chart and you should see Chart Data.
Drag the Dataset fields to the Chart Data as shown below.



Now we specify that the chart rows should be grouped by server





Drag and hide the first 2 columns




Change the outline of the table to be white




After you run the report you should now see a chart for each server and that is the end of this simple example



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