SQL Server 2012 Professional-level certification will require recertification every three years

There is a new recertification change to be aware of when obtaining your SQL Server 2012 Professional-level certifications.


Q. What is the recertification requirement?


In order to ensure that our certifications are meaningful and valuable indicators of candidates’ skills, Microsoft has implemented a recertification requirement for MCPD: Windows Azure Developer and MCPD: Windows Phone Developer. This requirement will also apply to the upcoming Professional-level SQL Server 2012 certifications. Windows Azure and Windows Phone certifications will require recertification every two years, while SQL Server 2012 certifications will require recertification every three years. Initially, the recertification requirement will be one or two exams.


The recertification of your Professional-level SQL Server 2012 certification will need to occur within three years or your transcript will show that the certification is Inactive.


This requirement does not appear to apply for MCTS SQL Server 2012 certifications, or fortunately, all existing certifications.


Interesting to note, is that the new Professional-level certifications will not reference a product version in the title, as when you recertify yourself, you are demonstrating continued competence with the technology.