SQL Server 2017

The below table reflects the builds released for SQL Server 2017 as well as key comments that relate to the build where appropriate.
The current recommended Build is 14.0.3025.34 (CU6).

Patch Build Type Released Comment
CU6 14.0.3025.34 CU 2018 Apr Contains 30+ fixes/enhancements.

The replication Distribution database can now be configured to use Availability Groups.

CU5 14.0.3023.8 CU 2018 Mar Contains 13 fixes/enhancements.
CU4 14.0.3022.28 CU 2018 Feb Contains 50+ fixes.
System stored procedure sp_execute_external_script and DMV sys.dm_exec_cached_plans cause memory leaks fix.
Database schemas aren’t upgraded or downgraded when you install or uninstall a cumulative update in SQL Server 2017 on Linux fix. ‘Note When you install this cumulative update, the upgrade script in this update is executed. However, previous cumulative updates still behave the same way. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid applying any cumulative update earlier than this update.’
Starting with this update, SQL Server Agent is automatically installed together with SQL Server. A separate installation of the mssql-server-agent package is no longer required (or possible). SQL Server Agent is disabled by default. To enable it, run the following configuration command:
mssql-conf set sqlagent.enabled true
To disable the Agent, run:
mssql-conf set sqlagent.enabled false
Or, the environment variable MSSQL_AGENT_ENABLED can be set to True or False to enable or disable the Agent, respectively.
Note The new setting will not take effect until SQL Server is restarted.
Log shipping fails when you use it together with Always On Availability Groups fix.
Assume that you use SQL Server 2017 on Linux. When you connect to SQL Server by using the TCP/IP protocol, a handle leak might occur fix.
DMV sys.dm_os_windows_info returns wrong values for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 fix.
CU3 14.0.3015.40 CU 2018 Jan Security update for processor vulnerabilities
New trace flag 11024 for auto update of incremental statistics fix
Adds CPU timeout setting to Resource Governor workgroup REQUEST_MAX_CPU_TIME_SEC
Adds support for MAXDOP option for CREATE STATISTICS and UPDATE STATISTICS statements
Improve tempdb spill diagnostics in DMV and Extended Events
Enables XML Showplans to provide a list of statistics used during query optimization and adds CXPACKET wait type
Enables PolyBase technology
Adds execution statistics for scalar-valued, user-defined functions to the actual Showplan XML
Adds the new EstimateRowsWithoutRowGoal query execution plan attribute
RTM_GDR 14.0.2000.63 GDR 2018 Jan Security update for processor vulnerabilities
CU2 14.0.3008.27 CU 2017 Nov Contains 30+ fixes.
New extended event (XEvent) mapping for BeginManualTableCleanup logging.
New extended event marked_transaction_latch_trace.
Using ALTER TABLE on an in-memory optimized table crashes SQL Server 2017 fix.
SQL Server 2017 on Linux doesn’t listen to nondefault IP address specified by mssql-conf script fix.
SQL Server 2017 cannot decrypt data encrypted by earlier versions of SQL Server by using the same symmetric key fix.
Incorrect prompt to restart SQL Server 2017 on Linux when not required fix.
State of the ForceLastGoodPlan recommendation is falsely reported as Expired if applied manually fix.
“Message 611” error when you use BULK INSERT or INSERT SELECT to insert data into a clustered columnstore index fix.
Errors 33111 and 3013 when backing up TDE-encrypted database fix.
Sub events added to the existing change_tracking_cleanup XEvent.
CU1 14.0.3006.16 CU 2017 Oct Contains 60+ fixes.
Allow SQL Server 2017 Express edition to act as a witness role in a database mirroring session.
Allow use of new Dynamic Management Views (DMV) and Dynamic Management Functions (DMF).
14.0.1000.169 RTM 2017 Oct Evaluation Edition download