AKAWN Monitoring

Welcome to AKAWN Monitoring for SQL Server instances.
AKAWN Monitoring is an essential tool to provide DBAs with a simplified, consistent and reliable method to monitor, maintain and trend their SQL Server instances.
As DBAs and consultants ourselves, we understand the importance and burden of providing consistent and reliable monitoring and maintenance. Hence, AKAWN Monitoring is here to help.
AKAWN Monitoring is an agentless solution with no software needing to be installed on the monitored instances and consists of three components; AKAWN Server, AKAWN Studio and the AKAWN repository database.
An example setup is shown below:

  • (1) AKAWN Server does the grunt work of monitoring and maintaining the SQL Server instances. There is typically only one in the environment.
  • (2) AKAWN repository database stores the collected information. Again, there is typically only one in the environment.
  • (3) AKAWN Studio allows the DBAs to review the findings and configure your monitoring requirements. AKAWN Studio can be installed wherever needed by by the DBAs i.e. on their workstation.

Is AKAWN Monitoring a suitable solution for you? Below is some of what it offers:

  • Looks for and alerts (email/page) on 150+ issues in the SQL Server instance
  • Looks for and alerts (email/page) on issues on the machine hosting the SQL Server instance
  • Add exclusions for expected alerts
  • Enable/disable/schedule specific alerts and/or checks
  • Tag alerts for review by fellow DBAs
  • Specify who receives specific alerts and when
  • Trend performance of the SQL Sever instance and machine hosting the instance
  • View live performance charts
  • Identify missing and unused indexes
  • Identify top CPU and IO queries
  • Visually identify instance and database potential configuration setting issues
  • Perform and schedule database backups
  • Perform and schedule database index maintenance
  • Perform and schedule database integrity checks
  • Agentless with no software required on the monitored instances
  • Supports both Windows and SQL authentication for connecting to monitored instances
  • Supports both Domain and non-Domain environments
  • GUI interface for configuring monitoring and reviewing the collected data
  • Logically group SQL Server instances for simplified management
  • All in one monitoring i.e. no additional modules
  • Monitoring licenses do not expire, are based on monitored instances, include free enhancement updates for 1 year and can be used by an unlimited number of DBAs
  • Support* for SQL Server 2005 instances and newer, including Express edition, Database mirroring, Availability Groups, Clusters, Logshipping, Replication

* Monitoring of Azure SQL Databases, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server 2017 on Linux is currently in progress.
Documentation can be found here and FAQ here
Downloads, which include a risk free 14 day free trial period, can be found here
The YouTube intro video can be viewed here
Pricing, which includes a 90 day money back guarantee, can be found here