AKAWN Monitoring FAQ


SQL Server 2005 and newer are supported.
Neither are currently supported. Work is in progress to add support in the near future.
Yes, it can. Ideally though, SQL Server should be the only application installed on a server for increased stability. This is one of the reasons AKAWN Server was designed to be agentless so it does not need to be installed on the same machine as SQL Server.
Currently due to limitations in SQL Sever, the sysadmin privilege is required to provide comprehensive monitoring of SQL Server. Hopefully a future release of SQL Server will address this issue and we and other major SQL monitoring products i.e. Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) can move away from requiring this privilege. If someone advises that the sysadmin privilege is not required for comprehensive monitoring of SQL Server, you should question their credentials. Due to the sysadmin requirement, it is strongly recommended to use a dedicated service account for the AKAWN Server service and make use of Windows authentication when connecting to monitored instances. The password for this dedicated account should not be shared.
Unfortunately local administrator privileges is currently a WMI remote connection requirement. If this requirement changes, we will be one of the first to move away from using it. WMI is used to help monitor the host server that SQL Server resides on. In AKAWN's view, monitoring of SQL Server is not complete if the state of the host operating system is unknown.
No it does not expire. It does however only provide for 1 year of free updates. A reduced priced license can be purchased if you require updates after the 1 year.
Logging in via My Account and raising a support ticket, will allow you to track the teams progress with your request. Other options include emailing support@akawn.com or using one the multiple contact methods on the Contact Us menu page.