AKAWN Monitoring Downloads

AKAWN Monitoring downloads are currently available as a single ISO image file for the version. The image contains both the x86 and x64 versions of AKAWN Server and AKAWN Studio.

Current Version

Version Size ISO
17.10.10 6MB

Old Versions

Version Size ISO
17.10.02 6MB

Intro Video

Release Notes

  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Show Columns in Database Configuration Settings
  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Maintenance model parameter check correction
  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Integrity Checks increase initial instance connection timeout
  • AKAWN Studio – Fix: Instance and Server alerts hide checkbox
  • AKAWN Studio – Enhance: Increase wait cursor visibility during maintenance tasks startup and refreshing
  • AKAWN Server – Fix: Exclude snapshot databases from the “Backups full missing” and “Backups log missing” checks


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